First Transnational Mobility of Athletes and Trainers STEP ONE sumeg 15-18 June 2018

The First Transnational Mobility of Athletes and Trainers of the STEP ONE project - Sport Traditions Educate Players of New Europe will take place from 15 to 18 June in Sümeg, Hungary. The UISP Territorial Committee of Terni is involved in the Erasmus + Sport Program together with partners from Hungary , Poland, Greece and Cyprus, together with other Italian associations: the amateur football team Hortae Pediludium 2014 DPFC and the Sbandieratori delle Sette Contrade di Orte.

The project aims to create new opportunities for the mobility of athletes, promote the exchange of good practices at the European level for the internationalization of sports practices at amateur level, ensure intergenerational exchange between traditional sports and amateur sports and promote the European Week of Sport.

During this First International Exchange the delegates of the organizations will be involved in training activities on "Good governance in amateurial sports" and in practical exercises in traditional sports such as flag games, archery, horse riding and sword art.

The meeting will be hosted by the Varkapitany Lovagi Torna Egyesület, based at the medieval castle of Sümeg and representing an excellence in the field of traditional games, keeping alive the ancient hungarian traditions of horse riding, sword art and archery on horseback. Moreover flag games will be protagonist of the meeting, presented by the Sbandieratori delle Sette Contrade di Orte, engaged for years in promoting this type of traditional sport among the young citizens of Europe.

During the meeting the schools of Sümeg will be involved in the training, allowing the dissemination of the STEP ONE project and of the traditional games among the younger ones.

"Traditional sports, in particular archery, are the flagship of the UISP Committee of Terni" declared the President of the Territorial Committee UISP of Terni Giuliano Todisco "For years we have been committed to spread among the youngest the love for sports linked to our traditions, as a means to promote social inclusion and civic participation ".

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