The STEP ONE project - Sports Traditions Educate Players of New Europe



The STEP ONE project - Sports Traditions Educate Players of New Europe, which sees the UISP Territorial Committee of Terni (IT) engaged in the Erasmus + Sport Program together with partners from Hungary, Poland, Greece and Cyprus, together with other Italian associations, began on January 1st.

The project intends to create new opportunities for the mobility of athletes, to promote the exchange of good practices at the European level for the internationalization of sport practices at amateur level, to ensure intergenerational exchange between traditional sports and amateur sports and to promote the European Week of Sport.

In fact, STEP ONE combines together amateur football clubs and traditional sports associations, in the belief that the motto "sport for all" is vital not only for the personal growth of the individual athlete, but also for the construction of a more united and inclusive society, active at European level but strongly rooted in local traditions.

The project activities will start in Greece, in the Municipality of Nafplio, with an organizational staff meeting from 9 to 11 March 2018.

"The Erasmus + Sport Program is perfectly in line with the aims and values brought forward by the UISP, as it intends to promote Sport Per Tutti" declared the President of the Territorial Committee UISP of Terni Giuliano Todisco "For this reason we decided to participate with our project in the Programme, with the aim of enhancing the importance of small amateur clubs as animators of the territory and as a means to keep alive the traditions of local communities. The activities carried out at European level will be a great occasion for each partner to widen the horizons of their activities ".

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