Du Motion




DU MOTION – collaborative partnership

Duration – 30 months


CROATIA, Dubrovnik sport association - DSA (Dubrovački savez športova)


BELGIUM, Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl, IHF asbl

BULGARIA, Bulgarian Sports Development Association, BSDA

ITALY, Mine Vaganti NGO, MVNGO

POLAND, Instytut Rozwoju sportu i Edukacji, IRSiE

SWEDEN, Swedish Sports Confederation, Vasterboten, SSCV

TURKEY, Karasu Gençlik, Sanat ve Spor Kulübu Derneği, KARGENC CLUB


About the project:

The motive for the preparation of this project was the fact that one of the biggest challenges is problem how, when and where to educate volunteers well and then integrate them into the overall organization of the competition. Very often volunteers know a narrow part of their scope of work, but are not familiar with other services, with the competition system, the entire space where trainings and competitions take place, do not know the responsible people, etc. Just not knowing the entire system is demotivating to volunteers.

Through non-formal education, which will be carried out by experts with a long time in organizing various sport events and championships, the volunteers will be introduced to all services and tasks.

We emphasize that it is not critical which sport is  in question, because the management of the organization of sports events is for the most part the same for all sports, the only difference is the level of competition from domestic, through regional and national, to European and World Championships.

With this project, we want to encourage volunteers to further actively engage not only in sporting events, but also in sports clubs and sports organizations, as they increase their competences, develop skills, and open up opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship and self-employment. Volunteers will also participate in international competitions outside of their country with additional value, acquire new knowledge, new acquaintances, and create positive networking. We emphasize that we will take special care when selecting volunteers to include people with disabilities and people from marginalized groups.


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